Monday, December 3, 2012

Remembering a Dear Friend

I have been absent from my blog for several months and I am going to start posting again, I promise!  I have lots of artwork and other things to share with you (in the near future) but today I must remember a dear friend.

Last week my dear friend, Cynthia, passed on a few days after Thanksgiving.  I was away from the house when the news came and my husband broke it to me when I returned that evening.  I just cried and cried for days because she was such a special person.  She has had health issues for several years but it was still a shock to me.   It is always a struggle when our loved ones pass on because our "human side" is in despair over the loss - yet our "spiritual side" knows that heaven is the place we end up if we believe and ask Jesus into our hearts.   Heaven - in the presence of the Father we have perfect peace, perfect health, and perfect who doesn't want all of that! 

As I reflected on my years of knowing this dear, sweet, funny woman, I am so thankful!  I am thankful that she called me a friend. I am thankful for the weekly phone calls, in which we solved the problems of the world, and I am thankful for much more.   I decided that I would post about her today, so that those of you who knew her would join in remembering her too! 

I met her at the beauty shop that my daughter worked at about 4 years ago.  A mutual friend invited her to come to a card class that I was teaching.  She ended up joining the $10 month club and has been a CTMH customer for several years.   She and her cute husband usually go to Lake LBJ for the winter (or winta -- as she said!) but they had been delayed in going this year because her husband had major neck and spinal surgery.  They were hoping to get an okay from his doctor last week so that they could go down there.  It was always bittersweet for my family and customers, when they left for the winter.  They usually returned in the early Spring and we  always counted the days! 

She always supported everything that I do/did.  She was the first one to call me when I decided to slow down a bit.  She felt that Dean and Connor (and the rest of the family) needed more of my attention and my classes were taking attention away from them.  She teased Dean - and did a good job of it!  She talked about reading and different book series with Connor - he really enjoyed hearing about different series to read and she would share what her grandson was reading.  Brayden even talked like her when he learned to talk - we kept asking each other where he was getting that Northern accent!  She ordered jewelry from me often for herself or to give her daughter, daughter-in-law,  and grand-daughters.  She would tell stories about her family and you knew that they were the most important thing to her.  She kept everyone laughing at classes and monthly crops.    I could just go on and on about this precious person, but it would be a very long post!  Cynthia and I always ended our weekly conversations with "I love you" and I am so glad of that,  because sometimes it is too late and you wish you would have said it.  I just wanted you to know that, if I haven't told you lately, you are important to me and I am thankful for you too! 

Here is a picture that I retrieved from her Facebook account with her husband.  If you wish to comment on ways that Cynthia impacted your life, please do so by "posting a comment" below.   I still can't believe that she is gone and all I know is that Heaven got an angel that will entertain them daily! If you knew her, you know what I mean!
I leave you with this, tell the people that are important to you, that you love them, appreciate them, whatever!  You may not get another chance.  Time passes quickly and things can change in the blink of an eye!