Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Tree Clear Card

This is one of the first projects I made using the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge and the stamps in the bundle.  I cut the trees with the cricut and used the stamp set in the bundle to stamp them.  This card is a clear card from our specialty card line.  I used Believe paper, Green Ribbon Assortment, Bling Buttons,  Cricut AP Cartridge and stamps, and Red Glitz Glitter Gel.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Joy Layout

I can't wait until Christmas gets here and I have photos to add to this cute layout!  This 2-page layout features Believe Level 2 Paper, Dimensional Elements Monograms, Bling Buttons, our cute new Holiday Pockets and Prisma Glitter.

I used one of the Reindeer Zip Strips in the paper packet as "ribbon" across the layouts.  I also used the Love Life stamp set to add the flourishes. 

**Tip - To embellish the "JOY"  Dimensional Elements Monograms I sponged them with Sweet Leaf Ink;  I stamped a patterned stamp from the Love Life stamp set with Topiary Ink; I let the ink absorb into the chipboard a few minutes and then I covered them with Bonding Memories glue and sprinkled Prisma Glitter over them. 

I cut the scalloped banner with the Cricut AP Cartridge and added bonding memories glue to the edges and sprinkled Prisma Glitter over that piece as well.  I think it adds just the right amount of glitz.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray Clear Card

Here is another card made with the Childhood Portrait stamp set.  I love this little boy playing with his yo yo.  I used Red Glitz Glitter Gel to highlight the yo yo.   I used a Clear Card, Roxie Level 2 paper, Cricut AP Cartridge, Dimensional Elements Mixed Shapes, black heat embossing powder, black ribbon and Licorice Opaques.

** Tips - I punched holes in the scallop of the clear card to dress it up.  You could thread ribbon through the holes for added dimension.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Holiday Tradition

You may or may not know this about me but here it is....I am the family "Pie Baker."  When Thanksgiving and Christmas come around each year, I bake the pies for all sides of the family.  I always bake pumpkin and pecan pies for each household (The Keys, The Boles', and the Kesler/Webster's) and sometimes I will try something new. 

This morning I went to the grocery store very early to beat the crowds.  I chose the items I needed for today's baking and Thanksgiving dishes.  As I strolled through the produce department, my eyes landed on orange slices - you know the little gummy, sugary ones from days of old (because I am old!).  My Great Grandmother Holder, Grandmother Jacquie, and Grandmother Boles always bought these sweet treats for us when we were kids.  It was a blast from the past, so of course I put them in my cart. That began my thinking about all the things our grandmothers teach us when we are growing up. 

My Grandmother Jacquie spent many hours as a professional baker and shared her talents with my brother, sister and myself.  We had so much fun learning to make pie crust and the many other things she taught us. 

So today, I started my day thinking that I would be posting artwork (have a card I was going to post for you), but instead spent the entire day baking and remembering my grandmothers.  I am so thankful for all they taught me - how to cook/bake, how to cross-stitch, how to gather eggs from the hen house, how to iron, a good work ethic, good character, kindness, laughter, and the list goes on.  My Great Grandmother also taught me a bad thing - procrastination - I think it is just genetic!  Anyway, here are some pictures from today's baking quest.

See this old rolling pin?  It was Grandmother Jacquie's rolling pin and one of my favorite things that I inherited from her.  As I roll the pie crust out, I think of her.  I use an Amish Pie Crust recipe that a friend shared with me about 15 years ago.  That recipe makes perfect pie crust every time!

My favorite pie plates from Longaberger.  I have four of them!

Here are the pumpkin pies.  I use the recipe from "Better Home and Gardens Cookbook."  (Mine is the Third Printing from 1982.)  I know that doesn't seem important, but it is because the recipes change with each new printing.  My Great Grandmother Holder told me to substitute the spices in that recipe in equal measurement with Pumpkin Pie Spice and it makes all the difference in how it tastes!

Here are the pecan pies.  Again, I use the Pecan Pie recipe from the "Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook."  It makes perfect pecan pie.  They are not runny at all and are the best tasting pecan pie ever....I can't even eat any other pecan pie.    My dad asked me many years ago,  if I would chop the pecans very fine to make it easier for him to eat.  Let me just say that he was on to something grand.  Those crushed pecans make the best topping.  Dean was in the kitchen begging for pie tonight - he said his mouth was watering for it.  I told him "no" at first but then I gave in.  Who can tell a man "no" that is begging for your pie!

Today's "something new" was a Chocolate Cream Pie with Meringue.  Dean requested that I make one this year.  I tried it many years ago and thought it was too much work,  but tonight it didn't seam as hard as I remembered it being.  It turned out very pretty and I hope it tastes as yummy as it looks.

Tomorrow, let us not forget to be thankful for all those family members who have gone before us, but taught us SO much before they did!   I pray that you have a Very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!  Happy Pie Eating!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Love to Love You Card

Our December Stamp of the Month (Mad About You) is inspiring me to think about Valentine's Day.  I know, we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving, but if you make cards for holidays, then you need to think ahead, right? 

I used Roxie Level 2 Paper, Childhood Portrait stamp set, Instant Memories stamp set, Mad About You stamp set, Pearl Opaques, and black ribbon. 

The card pattern is in the Originals book and is called "It's a Wrap."  The card is "wrapped" with a band which is very cute and different than just a standard card.  I heat embossed the kids with Versamark and Black Embossing Powder.  The Childhood Portrait stamp set takes me back to yesteryear because reminds me of the silhouette pictures that my Grandmother had in her bedroom when I was a little girl.  Every time I see something made with this stamp set it reminds me of her.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dreamin' Workshop on the Go Cards

These are the cards for the Dreamin' Workshop on the Go that we are making this week.  The Dreamin' Kit includes:  Dreamin' Level 2 Paper, Dreamin' My Acrylix Stamp Set, Bronze Glitz Glitter Gel,  Shimmer Brads, and the Workshop Guide.   The price is $35 (includes tax and shipping).  These cards/ instructions were made by me for the workshop.

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

If you purchase the Dreamin' WOTG kit I will include the card instructions.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Santa's Workshop Kids Kamp Projects

Yesterday I had my first annual Santa's Workshop Kids Kamp, so that kids had an opportunity to come make gifts for family members.  We had so much fun and I wanted to share the projects that the kids made.

These are refrigerator magnets.  We cut the flowers on the Cricut and stamped them with the Hooray Bouquet stamp set.  The colors are Garden Green, Sorbet, and Creme' Brulee.  We used Alene's Magnetic Tacky Dots for the magnet and the pebbles were adhered with Liquid Glass.

This fun bracelet is perfect to use up old (or new) buttons.  I used our Pink Button Assortment for this bracelet but each child got a different selection of buttons.  We stung the buttons with "Stretch Magic Jewelry and Bead Cord" that I purchased at Michael's.  When you make this type bracelet you need to wrap the Stretch Magic cord around your wrist twice which allows for the overlapping that naturally occurs as you string the buttons.

We took a $1 pocket calendar from Michael's Dollar Spot and created a work of art.

We used Roxie Paper, the Cricut to cut out the heart, Mad About You Stamp Set (December Stamp of the Month),  Winter Joy Stamp Set, Save the Date Stamp Set, black ribbon, and Just Blooms Paper Shapes to transform this pocket calendar.

And, last but not least, a plain wooden frame (also purchased at Michael's), becomes a work of art!  Wouldn't it be a perfect gift for grandparents with a family photo or the child's school portrait?

The kids were able to choose which color of paint they wanted to use for their frame.

I cut all of the roses from Colonial White Cardstock on the Cricut.  The kids chose which color they wanted their roses to be.  I mixed water and re-inker in little spritz bottles (I used Lagoon, Cranberry, and Sweet Leaf re-inker).  We spritzed them and set them aside to dry.  When they were dry we sponged the edges with Desert Sand ink.

We used the Love Life Stamp Set to stamp these beautiful flourishes with Brown StazOn Ink.  I know that I keep saying it, but Love Life is my FAVORITE stamp set in this catalog!

The red frame is my favorite one (because it matches my home decor and it is one of my favorite colors).  I made distressed roses for this one (see the post on Sunday, October 30 for the Distressed Flower Tutorial) and simply sponged them with Desert Sand ink.   We used Pearl Opaques to embellish the frames - and it covers up some of the stamping issues that occur when stamping on wood, using StazOn, etc.  (you know what I always say....."Mistakes are opportunities to embellish!")

These are the Santa's Workshop Kids Kamp Participants (and teachers):

Thank you sweet kids for making Santa's Workshop Kids Kamp a success.  I look forward to having it again next year!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Over the Moon In Love Card

I couldn't wait to make this card!  I dreamed about it last week and knew that when we returned home I HAD to make it.  I used Roxie Level 2 paper, Red Ribbon Assortment, Black Ribbon, Bling Assortment, and the December Stamp of the Month called "Mad About You."  The ticket and the heart were cut on the Cricut!  Imagine that - the December Stamp of the Month is Cricut compatible!   This stamp set is great for wedding, Valentine's Day, or love cards and/or scrapbook pages.  In my opinion, it is a must have!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Leaves and Acorn Harvest Happiness Card

This card is on the <shape11> key; Card button.  It is a 4 1/2" card.  I used the Dreamin' Paper Packet, Harvest Happiness Stamp Set and Bronze Glitz Glitter Gel.

The cool thing about the Harvest Happiness stamp set (and others in our catalog)  is that it coordinates with shapes on our Cricut cartridge.  The stamp set "carrier sheet" tells you what size to cut the image so that you can stamp on it.  It is so fun to stamp and NOT have to cut it out by hand.   I cut the card, leaves, and the acorn with the Cricut Cartridge.  I also utilized the zip strip from the B&T as "ribbon" for this card - what a cool use for those little strips!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Have a Splendid Day Card

I used the Cricut Cartridge to create the card, flower and sentiment. The card is from the <shape 11> key; Card button; Shift - it is 4 1/2". The "splendid" flower is on the <flower4> key. I cut it 5 times beginning with 2 1/2" and turned the size dial down one tick each time I cut the flower. 

The items used for this card are the Dreamin' Paper Packet, Mini Medley Pewter Assortment, Bronze Glitz Glitter Gel, and Cocoa Ribbon.

**Tip - I cut 5 flowers from the Pacifica Dots B&T and utilized both sides of the B&T for the flower (alternating sides as I stacked them up).   I curled the petals downward using a stylus tool; adhered the flowers together and placed a brad in the center.  I also cut <shape11> at the 3/4" size to use as the leaves for the flower.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Season of Thanks Pillow Box

This was the project we created at my Cricut Class this week.  It is a pillow box from the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge and is on <shape11> key.  To get this 7" shape you need to push  Font Layer,<shape11> and Shift.  Fill it with candy or a small surprise and put on your Thanksgiving table (see page 64 in the Catalog IdeaBook). 

I used the Dreamin' paper packet, Captured Moments stamp set, Harvest Happiness stamp set, Foundry Metal Accessories, and Bronze Glitz Glitter Gel.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Roxie Rolodex

I have missed not posting (for a week now).  We were out-of-town and so I want you to know that I am happy to be back in the "saddle".  I started this little project last week before we left but ran out of time to complete it.  I have had this Rolodex for at least a year and had been meaning to decorate it.  This isn't your typical Rolodex as it is a place for those endless passwords that we all have.  It is a pet-peeve of mine that every website makes you use different cases, numeric characters, etc.  I can never remember them all!

Since we have reds and animal prints in our house I thought it fitting to use the Roxie Level 2 Paper packet.  I also included lots of black ribbon, Bling Assortment, Pearl Opaques, Sparkles, and the Cricut Art Philosophy flowers. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sonoma Sweet Moments Card

This card was created from our new 6x6 Kraft Cards (they have the scalloped edge that is a flap), Sonoma Level 2 Paper, Sweet Moments Stamp Set, Heirloom Assortment, Pink Clips, and Green Ribbon Assortment.  I also used the Love Life Stamp Set to stamp the flourish.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cherish the Day Fall Card

This is the $10 Month Club Playgroup card for November.  I used Dreamin' Paper, Cherish the Day Stamp of the Month, Harvest Happiness stamp set, and the Cricut Art Philosophy to cut the leaves and the ticket.

This photo shows that the leaves are popped up with 3D Foam Tape and embellished with Bronze Glitz Glitter Gel.  The Glitz Glitter Gel adds just the right amount of sparkle!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blessing Jar and Sending You...Harvest Happiness

I had this idea about a month ago and finally made it while visiting my sister!   I though it would be awesome to write down one blessing each day during November and keep them in this jar.  The Blessing Jar has a coordinating card (just for fun - the stamp set inspired the actual jar).  The little pocket holds the slips to write your blessings on.  

The jar has a piece of Dreamin' B&T around it, along with ribbon from our Honey Mini Medley and a charm from the Harvest Charms.  

**Tip - Use the blessing strips as journal prompts when you are ready to scrapbook your Fall/Thanksgiving photos.

I used Dreamin' Paper, ribbon and charm from the Honey Mini Medley, Joyful Jar My Acrylix Stamp Set and  Harvest Happiness Stamp Set
for this card.

The pocket is from the 10 Things Pocket and I decorated it using scraps of Dreamin' paper and a Harvest Charm.  (I used the tags from the 10 Things Pocket on the Roxie Board Book).   I cut 1" x 4" strips of cardstock to slip in the pocket. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Live, Laugh, Love Layout

Sonoma quickly became one of my favorite new kits as I made this layout.  This is the left side of a 2-page layout that I made using our Sonoma Level 2 Paper, Love Life Stamp Set, Hooray Bouquet Stamp Set,  Just Blooms Paper Shapes, Pearl Opaques, Clear Sparkles, and the Heirloom Embellishment Assortment.

This is the right side of the layout.  The pattern is in the Magic How-To Book on page 48 & 49 ("Performance").  

    **Tip - The technique I used to distress the edges - Smokey Plum Reinker and the Stipple Brush from our Texture Tools set - dip the brush into a craft jar with reinker and use short strokes from the edge of the paper toward the center. 

This is a close up photo of the flowers.  They were cut out with the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge and then stamped with Hooray Bouquet stamp set.  You can also see the detail of the flowers from the Heirloom Assortment.  The Heirloom flowers have adhesive on the back so they are ready to adhere.   

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Advent Activity Box

This cute little box is filled with activities to countdown to Christmas!  The box is our My Creations Memory Game.  I used the Believe Paper Packet, Red Sparkles, Green Ribbon Assortment, and the Countdown Stamp Set.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holiday Wishes

Holiday Wishes is our November campaign and it is a must-have for your stamping stash.  The best part - it is Cricut compatible.  This D-size stamp set is only $5 with a $25 My Acrylix Stamp purchase (personalized stamps, stamp of the month, cricut collection, and workshops on the go do not count toward qualifying purchase).  

(P.S. - I don't have my stamp set yet, but will post artwork with it when I receive it)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sonoma Workshop on the Go Cards

This card pattern is from "Wishes" book and is the pattern on
page 94 - Curtain Call.  The pattern is for a 4 1/2" square card; I converted it to be a standard 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card. 
I made this pattern three ways for my
Sonoma Workshop on the Go card class.

The WOTG kit includes:  Sonoma Level 2 Paper, Mini Medley Pewter Assortment, a round sponge, Sonoma My Acrylix Stamp Set, and the Sonoma Workshop Guide (the workshop guide shows a beautiful scrapbook layout that my scrapbooking classes are making).

The Sonoma Workshop on the Go is available until
January 31st.  Let me know if you are interested in purchasing it.  I will include my card instructions with your purchase!