Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa's Treat Pocket

This cute little treat pocket was originally created by Lisa Stenz who is also a CTMH Consultant.  I thought it was so cute, that I made one to show at my Cricut Class last week. 

The heart pocket is on the <shape1> key
on page 27 in the cricut booklet. 

1.  The combination of keys is:  Font Layer; Shift;
<shape1>.  I cut my pocket at 11". 

2.   I creased all of the folds for the pocket
(don't adhere yet) and then added two strips of
White Daisy Cardstock that were 3/4" each. 

3.  I also cut a "belt" from Black Cardstock that was 1/2".   The belt buckle is on the <square1> key
(keys:  Tag; <square 1>.  I cut the buckle at 1").

4.  I used 2 button brads from the Black Mini
Medley Assortment for the buttons on the "coat".

5.  I used a piece of Cranberry checked ribbon as the
hanger and attached it with 2 small
black brads on the sides.

6.  The final step is to adhere the pocket together
at the side.  I used Terrifically Tacky Tape for that. 
TTT is a very permanent bond which is what you
want on all of the little treat boxes!

7.  The last step is to fill the pocket.  I put Christmas
candy and a Sonic gift card in my pocket!

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