Friday, January 27, 2012

A Week of Stamp Camp Projects - #5 - Happy, Happy Birthday

This card features Elemental Paper, Chocolate, Colonial White and Kraft Cardstock.  I used the Cricut AP Cartridge to cut out the flowers and the focal point.

*The technique we used for this card is a Tie Dye Felt Stamp Pad.  To make a tie dye felt stamp pad you need, squares of felt, paper towels, a paper plate and miscellaneous re-inkers.   We used Creme' Brulee, Lagoon, and Sorbet re-inker to make our felt pad.  Layering from the bottom up:  paper plate, then the paper towels (folded up into a square), then the felt.  Rub the re-inker over the felt in whatever pattern you choose (try not to overdo the re-inker or it will be soupy).  Stamp as if is a regular stamp pad.  This will stay damp for a long time in a large Ziploc bag and can be used many times over. 

*We stamped the large flower (using the Hooray Bouquet stamp set).  The small flower was stamped on the felt pad  and then we used the Kiss and Twist technique (kissing a dry stamp to a wet stamp and then giving it a twist - it makes a batik look).

We used antique copper brads and Mocha Opaques to embellish this card.

Bonus Project coming up tomorrow!

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